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Thank you for visiting our prearrangement web page. You and your funeral director will benefit by preplanning. You will gain the peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be honored with special care when a death occurs. Preplanning allows you to avoid over spending and emotional distress that may occur when making the many necessary decisions immediately after the death of a loved one. When you preplan, McKnight Funeral Home would already have the necessary information to carry out your requests. Preplanning may also spare family members who live out of town or perhaps in another state from rushing to the funeral home to give all the preliminary information that is discussed during pre-need planning.

You are not required to have a funding plan or even to spend a penny to pre-plan your wishes. McKnight Funeral Home can discuss any funding options with you at anytime. If you do pre-fund your services, you can freeze the cost of our services and merchandise and would not have to pay more money out of pocket in the future. Interest earned on your money is designed to cover any future inflation. Excess interest earned will be returned to you.

At McKnight Funeral Home, we're proud that our pre-planned funerals are registered with the consumer protection division of the Kentucky Attorney General's Office and can qualify for SSI or Medicaid Recipients.

Always remember, that your wishes and any requests made of McKnight Funeral Home are confidential, and your requests can and will be honored.

Expect the best from McKnight Funeral Home, an independent locally owned and operated funeral home.

229 Main StreetCrab Orchard, KY 40419(606) 355-7508

Preplan On-Line

Please click the button below to request more information or to leave your wishes on file with us.

You may use the form to make additions or changes to your requests when ever necessary. Complete only the first few lines of the form if you would like us to contact you, or enter as much information as you like. The second to the last check box in the form allows you to file the form with us while requesting that we do not contact you.

You also can send us a free form email at

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